PowerDirector 16 by CyberLink: a review

PowerDirector 16 is a product by Cyberlink

World Leaders in 360° Video Editing

PowerDirector is a leader in consumer 360º video editing, with a host of advanced feautures that will help turn your 360-degree video projects into stunning visual tales. Consumer 360º video stabilization, combined with accurate object tracking and seamless application of titles & transitions will let you extend your creativity to new dimensions.

The new PowerDirector 16 aims to make your video editing even easier as it already was. Furthermore this edition adds loads of new tools for 360 and 3D videos.

Over the past year PowerDirector 15 was my go-to software for making movies for Pxleyes and personal projects. It offers many, professional looking, effects and possibilities and I must say with the newly added support for 3D and 360 videos I’m excited to step into the world of PowerDirector 16.

New in this edition are 360° video stabilization, adding titles and images into those movies, little planets, a video collage designer, color match split toning / HDR effect and audio ducking (automatically lowering the volume if there’s for instance a voice over). Besides that there’s new rendering engine called TrueVelocity 7 and the possibility of importing QuickTime (.mov format) movies.


Let’s start with something basic: making a video collage. PowerDirector 16 has a special build in tool for this which is straight forward, choose your style and music and PowerDirector 16 creates your movie. Here an overview of some of the entries on Pxleyes.


New in PowerDirector 16 is the 360° motion tracking:


You can also take images out of a 360° movie like this:


Another thing Cyberlink added to PowerDirector 16 is ColorDirector, this function adjusts the colors of your movies. This way your scenes adjust to the same color grade. Noise reduction and sharpening upscale your degraded movies.


My review:
How much I loved PowerDirector 15 this version added only more options to an already great package! PowerDirector 16 is ahead of the time with new features which only trendsetters will use now but will be used by more and more people over time.
Focusing on adding and improving 360° features is a smart move, since the rest of PowerDirector 16 was already great!
Like I said before I love the previous version but I’m sure PowerDirector 16 will be my go-to software for the upcoming year!

Try it out yourself: there’s a trial version waiting for you here.

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