Help finish our ArtGrid

On this page you can find the Pxleyes ArtGrid, at the moment there’s just 12 empty spots open. Help us complete this grid and have your name going to the history books!


This grid is a group artwork in which everyone can participate. When this grid is finished, each of the cells will contain a 1000px * 1000px image.

The idea is simple: lock a cell near an existing image and design an image for your cell so the transition between the two cells is smooth, so it looks like a single image. (The full resolution of the image you want to attach your image to can be viewed by clicking on it).

When you lock a cell, the surrounding cells will be unavailable for others, so there’s never any interference.

So go ahead, lock a cell and be a part of this amazing piece of art!* But remember, the transitions between the images are the most important here, quality is a must and all submissions have to be exactly 1000 * 1000 pixels in size. All submissions will be reviewed first.

Hint: If you don’t see the grid properly, refresh your browser!

* Locked grid cells automatically unlock after 72 hours of no submission. 
* If your spot opens up again after your submission, it means your image was declined. It didn’t match the surrounding images properly. Don’t upload the same image again. If you wanna try again, make the necessary changes first. The image has to flawlessly connect to the surrounding images as if they form 1 image. 

For a successful participation in the art grid, it is recommended that you read the following tutorials:

» How The Art Grid Works – written by Lelaina
» How To Set Up Photoshop To Make Images For The Art Grid – written by solkee

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