Swan lake - created by mymy

Swan lake
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Masking and warping ;-)
Only source image and photoshop. (5 years and 2342 days ago)

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Nap time - created by mymy

Nap time
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Now THAT was a really fascinating contest to enter for me.
I guess because I had to leave my country at a very young age, I have a very good memory of my early years.
This is an image I0ve had in my head for many many years. According to my parents, because of the blinds I must have been less than 3, because we moved after that.

I'm in my crib, where my mum put me for nap. It's probably very sunny outside, and I remember crying and crying because one little piece of the blind was broken and it was frightening me.

Really it was fascinating recreating the image I had in my head for so many years!

Alot made in PS, I had to recreate the wallpaper with a brush I luckily found, but took alot of work.

Thanks to:
Blogman for the handle
www.rainharbour.net for the wallpaper (5 years and 2364 days ago)

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Ironing - created by mymy

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Here's mine for the second time too, lol.

Ok only source used and a picture I took from my iron board to create the displacement map and as reference to create the iron. (5 years and 2405 days ago)

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