Shorse - created by kcinsti

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Bred for easier parking (5 years and 1145 days ago)

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lightfuel - created by kcinsti

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(5 years and 1297 days ago)

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Bathopus - created by kcinsti

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(5 years and 1312 days ago)

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fireflybatwoman - created by kcinsti

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A dark figure stands centre-stage, barely visible beneath a single weak spotlight.

Muted music increases in volume, as the figure begins to stir.

Suddenly a blaze of light and sound; the batwoman throws open her wings, releasing thousands of fireflies which, attracted to a special pheromone, form the Cirque Du Soleil logo on a suspended wire frame. (5 years and 1317 days ago)

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They See Me Rollin'... - created by kcinsti

They See Me Rollin...
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