Living the Life - created by dem90

Living the Life
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I wish this wasn't blurry >_< but the car was moving fast and my shutter was on the slow side, but it's only a slight blur (5 years and 1433 days ago)

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Amazing Feat - created by dem90

Amazing Feat
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This is the band Falling Sparrow, a local band from where I'm from. I am the groups unofficial photographer. I try and go to their contests as much as possible, and we go to some pretty awesome and weird places. This club was kinda stupid, the did allow people under 21, but they couldn't leave once they entered, and what was worse was my friend's band was last, and the band before them was horrible! I almost left with my ears bleeding. (5 years and 1454 days ago)

Ruby Drops - created by dem90

Ruby Drops
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I apologize for the poor quality. I edited the photo poorly the first time, and then I lost the original file. I de-noised the picture, which is why the quality is not all that good. (5 years and 1625 days ago)

Empty Cup - created by dem90

Empty Cup
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When you feel like there is no hope
You look at the empty cup before you
Wishing that there was something there
Anything to fill this hole in your heart
Desolate and alone with your empty cup
You have nothing else, that's all you own
Trying to find yourself in what's left of you
(5 years and 1658 days ago)

Ghost Train - created by dem90

Ghost Train
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One foggy morning... (5 years and 1698 days ago)

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