Cherry Poppers Ad - created by BlueLou

Cherry Poppers Ad
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A very simple ad for the fictional drink, Cherry Poppers.

Very brief explanation of execution:
Extracted each red ball separately using a round brush and set to a mask. Adjusted levels / hue / saturation.
Created Foil tops with a gray overlay layer and a gradient layer.
Extracted cherry image as well as straw image.
Adjusted composition.
Removed specular highlights on the balls and created new highlights on balls and straw to match those of the cherries. Used Clone Stamp and Spot Healing Brush for removal.
Duplicated the stem from cherry and used Warp tool to mod it onto the straw.
Created a title Smart Object that was mapped onto the balls using the Warp tool.
Duplicate / Scale / Mask layers of balls and cherries to create light reflections off each other.
Added water drops and main shadows.
Final touches to highlights, shadows, hue.
Added text, adjusted positioning.
ANY and ALL feedback greatly appreciated!!!!

Thank you to thea0211 & nazreth for the photos! (5 years and 2455 days ago)

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