Found Near Jupiter - created by spaceranger

Found Near Jupiter
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An ancient derelict craft is found near Jupiter by an exploration team possibly revealing some answers about who else is out there. (2 years and 351 days ago)

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Rebel Biker Babe - created by spaceranger

Rebel Biker Babe
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On a snowy ice world a lovely rebel uses her feminine charms and a good blaster to steal a speeder bike from an unsuspecting scout trooper during a heated battle with soldiers of The First Order. Being a native of the ice world she's well adapted to the cold climate giving her and her compatriots an advantage over the enemy forces. X-Wings attack from the rear surprising the enemy troops and ultimately stopping their onslaught.

I really enjoyed working on this, PixelSquid has some great images and gives a fun alternative to the usual contests. I hope we see more PixelSquid contests in the future.

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PixelSquid by jhardouin
PixelSquid by jhardouin
PixelSquid by jhardouin
PixelSquid by AdamO_TS
PixelSquid by jhardouin
PixelSquid by tsmdunn
PixelSquid by jhardouin
PixelSquid by QLEE
PixelSquid by renderzombie
PixelSquid by bgaj23
PixelSquid by matusiak
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Dragon Hunter - created by spaceranger

Dragon Hunter
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Tough way to make a living. This dragon escaped captivity and now the brave dragon hunter has his work cut out for him.

Using two shots of the same dragon I was disappointed at the quality of the images but decided to attempt to create a decent dragon with them. I added the open mouth from the Trex image using warp to fit the dragon. The skin of the jaw was taken from the dragon source and overlayed on the jaw.

There was a lot of cloning and coloring needed over all especially the horns which I had to remake. The warrior is from Marcus Ranum on DeviantArt as was the helmet. The sword was added to replace the axe. Adjustments to the costume were also made. (3 years and 77 days ago)

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MadameMona - created by spaceranger

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A little fun with perhaps the most well known painting in history. Thanks to madamemonty I'm sure she has a sense of humor...(I hope).
The Mona Lisa (La Gioconda) is over 500 years old. Painted on a wood panel in oils it's rarely loaned out because of it's fragility. If you ever have the opportunity to view it in person you'll never forget how magnificent it is to see. (3 years and 145 days ago)

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True Colors - created by spaceranger

True Colors
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Sometimes the name is the key to an avatar. The description does say "Just for fun members can guess ..." and there are a couple in this contest that use the members name in the design and are obviously not anonymous even though the authors are. I wanted to use this members colors which are also his name so I knew it would be obvious anyway.

The colors green, red and blue used are secondary colors in CMYK printing (see SBS). (3 years and 184 days ago)

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