End of the road - created by skyangel

End of the road
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They tried to cross the desert but came across sandstorms and all kinds of obstacles so they gave up, abandoned the vehicles and phoned a rescue team to
save them. While they were waiting, they took out their frustrations on the vehicles. That's why they are in such a sorry state. (1 year and 243 days ago)

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Dancing in the rain - created by skyangel

Dancing in the rain
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(1 year and 257 days ago)

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English Assignment - created by skyangel

English Assignment
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1000 word essay which counts toward end of year marks.The original source was deformed to straighten the blackboard so it filled the canvas.The light bulb was traced freehand from the original source and deformed to lengthen it. The rest of the drawing was also done freehand using the photoshop crayon brush.The text is also done freehand.The chalkboard texture was added using screen mode.The chalk was cut out , deformed to look like it is resting on the wooden frame. Did some dodging on the end of the chalk and added a shadow to it. (1 year and 290 days ago)

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Olaf - created by skyangel

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(1 year and 312 days ago)

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Pandoras Lion Box - created by skyangel

Pandoras Lion Box
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It's filled with roaring spirits and rage.
Made only with source image plus brushes. (2 years and 3 days ago)

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