Losers get their trophy too - created by enblanco

Losers get their trophy too
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Zbrush, 3ds max + vray (5 years and 1593 days ago)

Australian war - created by enblanco

Australian war
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3ds Max 2011 (5 years and 1623 days ago)

green dragon island - created by enblanco

green dragon island
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Made in Vue 9.5
514.195.366 polygons
3 days rendering 2 CPUs (I had to stop it at 98% because the deadline of the contest)
1 plane -water
The island populated with hundreds of palms
1 layer of clouds
2 sun lights

Please see high resolution (5 years and 1633 days ago)

You've got the key of my heart - created by enblanco

Youve got the key of my heart
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(5 years and 1736 days ago)

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Dear Santa Claus... - created by enblanco

Dear Santa Claus...
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