Phoenix Next - created by Robart523

Phoenix Next
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I knew I wanted to do a phoenix of sorts, so I searched for a LONG time to find just the right bird to transform. I'm rather pleased with the source I found and with the final product I arrived at. If you have a minute PLEASE look at the high res, there's a ton more detail than you can really see in the small image :) (5 years and 2071 days ago)

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Bright Idea - created by Robart523

Bright Idea
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All I new when I started was that I wanted to do a profile of someone's head with a light bulb in it. This is where I ended up :) (5 years and 2091 days ago)

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Cornelius - created by Robart523

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I came across some great brush sets and decided to do some painting!! (5 years and 2399 days ago)

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