Magic Of Life - created by Mike

Magic Of Life
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Oldie... Hope You like it :-)

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Some kind of monster - created by Mike

Some kind of monster
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Oldie one :-)


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kaboom! Flavour Explosion - created by Mike

kaboom! Flavour Explosion
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Don't settle with one flavour if you can have them all!!


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Medusa's Head - created by Mike

Medusas Head
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Perseus decapitated Medusa using athens' shield to protect from her magic; Medusa would turn into stone anyone who stared at her eyes, covering himself with the shield, perseus was able to reach medusa and cut her head off...


The girl source is from an old contest - Asian Girl Contest - i found the image on stock expert and because it wasn't free i contacted MrM about it, since he purchased the image for PST, he allowed me to use it here on pxleyes :-) i already contacted mods about it... thank you guys, i'm able to submit this one again...


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