The Father In-Law - created by Geexman

The Father In-Law
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I love to do portraits containing Glasses and jewellry.... I think its because I like to do all the blending and then go crazy with the putty rubber making the bright highlights.... I`m easily amused. (5 years and 1111 days ago)

Nothing Left To Lose - created by Geexman

Nothing Left To Lose
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Dont Leave Me - created by Geexman

Dont Leave Me
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The Prophet Chantara - created by Geexman

The Prophet Chantara
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Sugar Rush - created by Geexman

Sugar Rush
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Would have liked to add more detail but ran short of time, Thank you for viewing.

Mod Note: chamberstocks main rules states "Permission is given for use in work entered in contests, so long as I am credited/ linked when you are able." (5 years and 1657 days ago)

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