Baabaa Black Sheep - created by mymy

Baabaa Black Sheep
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This is one of my favorite children songs and one of my favorite chops ;-) (5 years and 2588 days ago)

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A shoe for a princess - created by mymy

A shoe for a princess
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Only source image in the final result.
Outside source used as ref is my own picture.
Please view in high resolution. (5 years and 2608 days ago)

Tango anyone? - created by mymy

Tango anyone?
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A lot of cutting pasting and warping.Only source image. (5 years and 2615 days ago)

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Granpa's bike - created by mymy

Granpas bike
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No outside source used. (5 years and 2644 days ago)

Good old teddy - created by mymy

Good old teddy
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Masking work, warp and shadow work. (5 years and 2654 days ago)

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