Dream out - created by derdevil

Dream out
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(3 years and 276 days ago)

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Almost RED - created by derdevil

Almost RED
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will try to make some corrections and do a better sbs if possible... please check the sbs to see which parts of the source image were used and where. thanks. (4 years and 35 days ago)

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Entry number 99242 - created by derdevil

Entry number 99242
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Home in a minute, boy - created by derdevil

Home in a minute, boy
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credits for stock images to:
riktorsashen from DA for sea image
TwilightAmazonStock from DA for sailboat model image
Xovoire from DA for wooden basket image
ladydove7-stock from DA for pirate gunner image
najustock from DA for pirate flag image

bruno-free from sxc.hu for old pan image
chechetkin from sxc.hu for roman helmet image
Capgros from sxc.hu for rope image
born1945 from flickr.com for beaver teeth image
(5 years and 1352 days ago)

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City of islands - created by derdevil

City of islands
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i wish i had more time to finalize some things on this entry, and to make sbs..if i didn't catch the deadline i'll try to put it in the comments...
credits to:
xesko82 fro sxc.hu for Illes Medes image
somadjinn from DA for air balloons iamge
mindCollision-stock from DA for little island iamge
darkrose42-stock from DA for stormy sea image
Titelgestalten from DA for rope image..
also thanks to wikimedia commons, imageafter and cgtextures for stock images..
just to mention, leaf image was used to define brush,and with that brush (adjusted space and scattering) painted over islands and ropes..
link to leaf source :
http://www.cgtextures.com/texview.php?id=8580&PHPSESSID=ieh1js9sk15gu9b7uqk7eapvi5 (5 years and 1519 days ago)

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