Entry number 104834 - created by buzzy

Entry number 104834
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life at sea - created by buzzy

life at sea
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A thousand stories can be found in the eyes. I wanted to depart from the stereotype of a pirate and make a piece that would reflect the "real life" daily saga of a pirate and *almost* tell the viewer the story they imagined. sat yam josh, Nikki knight, colby palmer, Dave Halberstadt, Ali eminov, Jason Hollinger contributed to this image. (5 years and 124 days ago)

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Sunset shot.... - created by buzzy

Sunset shot....
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All epic stories end as our heroes ride off into the sunset! As the town of PXL decays and memories fade, our love will endure forever.

Thanks for years of inspiration, fun and friends!
I wish everyone good luck and amazing lives!

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Conceptualize - created by buzzy

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If we could truly design our own bikes!
Inspiration is often found in nature, relax, breathe, and be inspired!
I would ride this!

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Here Kitty Kitty! - created by buzzy

Here Kitty Kitty!
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