"Changing" faces - created by Ressiv

"Changing" faces
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Made with skull 1.
Used 3 different face-parts.

I hope it's not a problem that the mouth is open instead of the closed one of the skull ;) (5 years and 2083 days ago)

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Oh nooo! - created by Ressiv

Oh nooo!
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This is going really bad... (5 years and 2134 days ago)

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Peabird - created by Ressiv

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Source only. Please check high res ;) (5 years and 2142 days ago)

Infinity Pillar - created by Ressiv

Infinity Pillar
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The never ending staircase. Created with the structure of concrete. (5 years and 2146 days ago)

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The Steak Out - created by Ressiv

The Steak Out
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Lot of details in high res ;) (5 years and 2168 days ago)

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