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The Beauty of Slovenia Presented in 50 Beautiful Photos

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Slovenia is a mini country not many know about. It’s placed in the Central Europe, connecting four types of natural regions: Pannonian, Mediterranean, Alpine and Dinaric. Due to this geographical diversity there are lots of chances for awesome photos in only 20,273 square kilometers of its total area. It is, of course, also a great […]

25 Online Marketplaces Where You Can Sell Your Graphics

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Selling your graphic creations can be a good way of making some pocket money, especially if you’ve got leftovers from your own or client projects. The good part is that they will keep on bringing you money, at least as long as they’re online. Today we’re presenting 25 best sites, where you can sell your […]

The 10 Best Photoshop CS5 Plugins with Free Trials

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Plug-ins are a great way of avoiding certain tasks in Photoshop and letting the machine do the work – even if you’re not a professional retoucher, can these tools help you make photos quite charming. Today we’re presenting to you 10 best Photoshop CS5 plug-ins, most of which are commercial – but they either offer […]

25 Russian Propaganda Poster Designs Analyzed

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Welcome to a special post on Pxleyes where we analyze the style of communist posters. This can be a good starting point for creating a poster ourselves as we’ll explore the best examples, repeating properties and recommend a few tutorials explaining the technique. The purpose of communist propaganda was for the Communist party to connect […]

The Ultimate 2011 Collection of Photoshop Tutorials, Freebies and Resources

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We’ve collected a good amount of tutorials, freebies and inspiration from year 2011 that you can look trough on your holiday vacation. If you missed any of them, it’s now a good time to make up for it, brushen up your skills and get ready for new year with fresh ideas. Happy new year! General […]

The Most Important New Features in Adobe Creative Suite 5.5

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On April 11th this year, Adobe released a new version of their famous Creative Suite. It got upgraded from CS5 to CS5.5, which mostly affected movie-making and web-development programs included in this software pack. There are still 5 different suites (Design Premium, Design Standard, Web Premium, Production Premium, and Master Collection) with similar software excluding […]