The Art of Photographing Human Body Parts in Close-Up

Photographic portraits are meant to emphasize a person’s face features, to give an overview of how they look like and “freeze” their appearance as the years go by. Creativity unleashed portrays not only faces and silhouettes, but also body parts, like lips, eyes, mouths, feet and other expressive parts of the human body. This showcase proves in 50 photos that close-up portraits can be magnificent, can have a meaning and a strong message. They can imply which sex they belong to, the age of the owner, social condition, mood, desires and a lot of other things. Body parts portraits can reveal many more details than one would be tempted to believe!


Lips author: EMHPhotography

Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes author: Gabor Kanovits

Mommy, Daddy, Eve

Mommy, Daddy, Eve author: duskOFsummer

Diana Rudenok

Open Your Eyes to World

Open Your Eyes to World author: 1/11/1989

Make-up inspiration 1

Make-up inspiration 1 author:

Make-up inspiration 2

Make-up inspiration 2 author:

Make-up Inspiration 4

Make-up Inspiration 4 author:

It’s the Little Things

Its the Little Things author: Jeff Katz

Wake me up When Winter Ends

Wake me up When Winter Ends author: april182

Sepia Feet

Sepia Feet author: Tom Chiccarelli


Feet author: JohnnyLine

French Nails

French Nails author: xzibitka

Tiny Feet

Tiny Feet author: lilhyperbabe


Foot author: Beatrice88

Puddle Jump

Puddle Jump author: TwilightMuse

Make-up Inspiration 3

Make-up Inspiration 3 author:

Secure Hands

Secure Hands author: Momof4boyoboys


Mysterious author: Xinuita


Healing author: Craig Martin

In my Mother’s Hands

In my Mothers Hands author: Bernard Solomon

We Care Like Family

We Care Like Family

Intimidating Lips

Intimidating Lips

The Hands

Happy Feet

Happy Feet author: DaKrunt

Artistic Nails

Artistic Nails author: Sirop-de-menthe



Icy Lips

Icy Lips author: neko217

Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes author: ArmyBrat1521

Child’s Eyes

Childs Eyes author: domagojs


Relax author: Reiner Albrecht

The Eyes

The Eyes author: Sky-Diver


Glamour author: LobachVictoria

Hard Work Foot

Hard Work Foot author: j-rakuen

Black Lips and Pearls

Black Lips and Pearls author: mebay


Hands author: Samron


Silence author: Karol


Eyelashes author: wind

Minimalistic Hands

Happy Toe Family

Happy Toe Family author: NoStyle


Giulia is a 25 year old girl from Romania. She runs a blog dedicated to cute animals on She's also an amateur photographer and has a passion for Photoshop.

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12 Responses:

  1. orientallad says:

    amazing collection, thank you Giulia

    ( 2 years and 2037 days ago )
  2. Giulia says:

    glad you like them :):):)

    ( 2 years and 2034 days ago )
  3. ezzo says:

    super pics damn 🙂 ur goood, giulia right? well giulia i dont kow if u would read thi email but,i wondered if i send u some pics of me,can u make them professional? i made those with video camera so there arent taken with professional camera, i dont have not even simple digital camera, only video casmera.i would be glad on an yes 😀

    ( 2 years and 2032 days ago )
  4. Kevin Mike says:

    Artists have been painting, drawing, sculpting, etching and photographing the human form for thousands of years, and it remains a most classic theme in art. The human body is one of the most beautiful forms in nature. Maybe we just never tire of depicting and looking at ourselves?

    ( 2 years and 2022 days ago )
  5. Henreitta says:

    i am very fond of photography……. I really get stunning that how our human body part can turn into such an expressive state. Nice… I’m happy to see them 🙂

    ( 2 years and 2016 days ago )
  6. gazzelle says:

    that’s interesting, i’m in Iran looking at the photos here! i love art and photography.. specialy portrait & human body…
    thanks for sharring the photos.
    funny, i’m at work at my desk right now!!

    ( 2 years and 2007 days ago )
  7. mahmood says:

    hi very best pic zoom i like u and this

    ( 2 years and 2005 days ago )
  8. Satine says:

    Now that’s what I call art !!!! Beautiful ! Insipiring ! Simply awesome !!!!!

    ( 2 years and 1955 days ago )
  9. jakson says:

    bonitas imágenes, congrats…

    ( 2 years and 1933 days ago )
  10. Yasir Javed says:

    really nice ..

    ( 2 years and 1912 days ago )
  11. mehrdad says:

    hi .very very very nice.i,m from art country from iran but your photo realy intresting .i wish see your new abstrack.
    pls accept photo from the best oldest bulding if you dont mind
    i wish you long live

    ( 2 years and 1723 days ago )
  12. chucky says:

    they are good

    ( 2 years and 1701 days ago )