50 Photo-Realistic 3D Female Models

The beauty of women has always been a broadly discussed, well analyzed and harnessed aspect since the dawn of time, by the likes of artists who tried to depict the curvy soft bodies and faces of the feminine sex into immortal scenes. Today’s modern world offers many more possibilities, called 3D software: 3DS Max, Bryce, Carrara, Cinema 4D, LightWave 3D, Maya, Mudbox, Poser, and many others. The following showcase gathers 50 of the best images you’ll find on the web of 3D female models. This is not the usual fantasy cliché post, with fairies and elf-women. On the contrary, all 50 images get really close to real life and we promise that several pictures can pass for real pro shots. The level of detail and patience these artists show are truly amazing! Sexy, sensual, pure and beautiful, 50 stunning 3D women to give your grim day a complete makeover!

Open Green

Open Green author: cryinghorn

Suspicious Minds

Suspicious Minds author: DCSMC


Sapphire author: kolakis

Close Up Portrait 1


Spirit author: igolochka

Jezebel and Georgina

That Which Soars…

That Which Soars… author: Karaliina


Resolve author: Bad-Dragon


Jess author: Adiene


Breeze author: igolochka


Izabelle author: Karaliina


Flirt author: Lyndsey Hayes

Their Secret

Their Secret author: Mavrosh


Beautiful author: igolochka

Nynaeve Al’Meara

Yuko for Pdesign

Yuko for Pdesign author: igolochka


Summer author: RGUS

Way of the Warrior

Way of the Warrior author: darkermusings

Freckle Test

Freckle Test author: SaphireNishi


Pin-Up author: Lyndsey Hayes

Dress Play

Dress Play author: SaphireNishi


Face author: Eugene Fokin

Saphy in Wonderland

Saphy in Wonderland author: SaphireNishi

Girl Executioner

Girl Executioner author: Eugene Fokin


Birdieblond author: ilhan Yilmaz

Pretty Mandy for Sabby

Pretty Mandy for Sabby author: igolochka

Close Up Portrait 2


Assassin author: chexm1x


Gwen author: artdude41

Portrait of Sovanna

Portrait of Sovanna author: kolakis


143 author: kallistodestiny

Pretty in Gold

Pretty in Gold author: 3DWS

Summer Time Pool Girl

Summer Time Pool Girl author: 3DWS


Kiss author: CaptVovan

Beauty and Confidence

Beauty and Confidence author: LordXarnor


Shades of Green

Shades of Green author: EliteArtists

Portrait of a Punk Girl

Pink Sugar

Nude, 2003

Nude, 2003 author: Soa Lee



Sophia author: Lyndsey Hayes


Julia author: Snowbyte

Thought of You

Thought of You author: anson7

Jayna’s Portrait

Jaynas Portrait author: igolochka


Hope author: joannastar

Carey Carter

Carey Carter author: artdude41


Carey author: artdude41


Closeup author: scott2753


Robin author: Snowbyte


Giulia is a 25 year old girl from Romania. She runs a blog dedicated to cute animals on furrytalk.com. She's also an amateur photographer and has a passion for Photoshop.

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25 Responses:

  1. walter says:

    so real , I would even date any one of them . ha ha ha

    ( 2 years and 2102 days ago )
  2. xzendor7 says:

    These 3D Babes Are Simply Amazing, The Digital Capabilities Of The Software And The Artist That Create Such Works Are Amazing

    ( 2 years and 2058 days ago )
  3. brandonscott says:

    Simply spectacular work! major c/s xzendor7, digital capabilities today are unreal and paired with a motivated artist provides absolutely no limits to creating.

    The details just blow me away. Skin perfections/imperfections… freckles, blemishes, reflections…

    ( 2 years and 2056 days ago )
  4. resu says:

    IMO, they are all plastik-like, to weak to be photo-realistic…
    Bernadette by Stephen Molyneaux looks almost real.

    ( 2 years and 2023 days ago )
  5. s4muraipayne says:

    I just cant say anything but WOW so good

    ( 2 years and 1991 days ago )
  6. Anonymous says:

    i fear for the future of mankind.. i hope we dont start trying to create humans for real.. jeez just clonning is enough the art is nice , it should just stay art.

    ( 2 years and 1962 days ago )
  7. fails says:

    it looks like theese artists are good at what they’re doing, interpretating real life i mean…but they fail to make the beauty of it. None of theese girls is beautiful enough to make me want her by my side for a lifetime or 2 years. You should meet more real beautiful women.

    ( 2 years and 1960 days ago )
  8. thoppp says:

    …….Down…Right…….. A M A Z I N G

    ( 2 years and 1950 days ago )
  9. the baculum says:

    the full body ones.. i loved the bodies.
    But the faces made me want to throw my computer D:<

    ( 2 years and 1947 days ago )
  10. Bob Fairlane says:

    143 looks like Lindsey Stirling the musician.

    Portrait of a Punk Girl looks really creepy and is a dead ringer for Natalie Portman.

    Close Up Portrait 2 looks like Uma Thurman.

    Flirt looks like Olivia Wilde.

    This is fascinating. Some of them do look very realistic.

    ( 2 years and 1902 days ago )
  11. Bob Fairlane says:

    Robin looks like the crazy girlfriend from Fight Club !
    Closeup looks somewhat like singer Pink.
    Bernadett looks like Neila Flynn (Finn?)

    ( 2 years and 1902 days ago )
  12. Xzendor7 says:

    Solid Selection Some Of These Do Look Like Real Girls – These Artist Do Exceptional Work With The Current Image Creation Tools That Are Available.

    ( 2 years and 1894 days ago )
  13. Russ says:

    Differing levels of quality, but generally the art work is really balanced. Wouldn’t be surprised if real-life girls were used as models. Impressive work, over all

    ( 2 years and 1841 days ago )
  14. dude says:

    Some amazing renders here, though a few amateur ones I wouldn’t have posted.

    @fails: Picked more beautiful women? I wouldn’t say any of them were ugly tbh, but art is not about setting the highest standard that can be imagined, setting a level that nobody can live up to, and making the whole world feel insecure; that’s what rat-race idiots like yourself push us artists into creating. You wanna know what art is? It’s about creating beauty and fascination in the detail of what’s real, and making everything smooth and perfect is no way of achieving this.
    Take a look at Freckle Test, that’s got to be one of the best works there.
    Take a look at this: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_SqhhJb_P3Kk/Sbc23PPvyNI/AAAAAAAAFvg/g2eFJnpnjxY/s400/CG+-+witch.jpg
    Now THAT is art.
    Porn is not art, nor is it music, nor is it any products it’s being used to sell to you.
    Wanna masturbate? Go look at porn.. seriously. Or do you actually enjoy masturbating in art galleries, while listening to the radio, or while watching insurance adverts?
    I’m not saying that artistic porn, musical porn, or pornographic advertising shouldn’t be made, just that I wish all mediums of art weren’t currently (mostly) judged by their pornographic values.

    ( 2 years and 1815 days ago )
  15. Kingkenny says:

    Very “white”.

    ( 2 years and 1802 days ago )
  16. Hariharan says:

    Awesome works by the artists

    ( 2 years and 1788 days ago )
  17. JaySamie says:

    I liked these! The human body is a beautiful thing. I would like to see Men in the same kind of pics – seems to be a shortage of them. I love the close ups of the freckles – very natural, doesn’t seem to be as many people with freckles now – why is that? Beautiful feature. I still have some myself. Good to see features that make people beautiful and unique.

    ( 2 years and 1668 days ago )
  18. Anonymous says:

    i wish human would look like these pictures….

    ( 2 years and 1600 days ago )
  19. guardian angel says:

    i wish human would look like these pictures….

    ( 2 years and 1600 days ago )
  20. Katerine says:

    Wow some of those are really nice. Almost every woman looked like some of celebrities but it is not a bad thing, probably it was the inspiration.. I was impressed by David Moratilla Amago works, those 3D woman looks really real, that is even creepy ! But I love it!

    ( 2 years and 1594 days ago )
  21. Bob says:

    Fifty? I count two.

    ( 2 years and 1563 days ago )
  22. jennifer says:

    simply stunning keep up that good body of work bye

    ( 2 years and 1558 days ago )
  23. aman says:

    just stunning n beautiful pic …
    no words ..
    i m just flat on these pics … 🙂

    ( 2 years and 1423 days ago )
  24. Celia says:

    All I can say is Amazing.

    ( 2 years and 1378 days ago )
  25. Henry Massingale says:

    It was a hard pick but we liked the photo Saphy in Wonderland…it was refreshing and funny at the same time…a very good creators choice…

    ( 2 years and 1296 days ago )