50 of the Most Famous Rivers in the World

Rivers usually flow towards an ocean, a lake, a sea, or another river. Some run peacefully through the landscape, others run wildly. We need them for our fresh water supply, food and transportation. Many settlements started along a river. Rivers inspired many poets and painters in the past, and now photographers capture their beauty. In this post we present 50 of the most famous and beautiful rivers in the world. Let’s get started!

The Amazon in Brazil

The Amazon in Brazil author: CIFOR

Memuru in Norway

Memuru in Norway author: Calle

Wheaton River in Canada

Wheaton River in Canada author: Nicolas Dory

The Seine in Paris

The Seine in Paris author: Don Julien

The River Niger in Mali

The River Niger in Mali author: David

The Loire in France

The Loire in France author: softballrulez

Ganges in India

Ganges in India author: Andro

The River Thames in London

The River Thames in London author: Ranma SAC

Congo River

Congo River author: hilandernarry

The Yarra River in Melbourne Australia

The Yarra River in Melbourne Australia author: egidio gaudi

Yellow River in China

Yellow River in China author: lensfodder

Zambezi in Africa

Cahabòn River in Guatemala

Cahabòn River in Guatemala author: Isac Goulart

Mosman River in Australia

Mosman River in Australia author: Donald Yip

The Danube in Europe

The Danube in Europe author: tienod

Rio Grande in the USA

Rio Grande in the USA author: Tolka Rover

Rio Orinoco in Venezuela

Rio Orinoco in Venezuela author: Don Perucho

Brisbane River in Australia

Brisbane River in Australia author: Rodelicious

Colorado River in the USA

Colorado River in the USA author: Mary

Views along the River Nile

On The Amazon

On The Amazon author: Joseph A Ferris

Volga in Russia

Volga in Russia author: flytiger

Rhone in France

Rhone in France author: Dineh

The Rhine in Germany

The Rhine in Germany author: Jennifer

Zambezi in Zambia

Zambezi in Zambia author: 0bl1v1on

The River Nile in Egypt

The River Nile in Egypt author: rob gipman

The Mississippi River in the USA

The Mississippi River in the USA author: Maura M

Colorado River in the USA

Yangtze River in China

Yangtze River in China author: muhjo

Dawn at the Amazon

Dawn at the Amazon author: andy mumford

The Mekong River in Vietnam

The Mekong River in Vietnam author: widowm4k3r

The Danube in Germany

The Danube in Germany author: Petr Ushanov

Daintree River in Australia

Daintree River in Australia author: acutely

Ural in Russia

Ural in Russia author: Timophey

Po in Italy

Po in Italy author: slack12

Red River in Vietnam

Fitz Roy River in Argentina

River in Wakayama-ken in Japan

River in Wakayama-ken in Japan author: cereven

Steenbras River Mouth in South Africa

Steenbras River Mouth in South Africa author: Philip Perold

The Amazon River

The Amazon River author: cifor

River in Iceland

River in Iceland author: whippeh

The Mekong River in Thailand

The Mekong River in Thailand author: aaron

Kartong River in Gambia

Kartong River in Gambia author: pantagonica

Argentina in Italy

Argentina in Italy author: Braioz

Puncak in Indonesia

Puncak in Indonesia author: Naja Helal

Ottawa River in Canada

Ottawa River in Canada author: viamoi

Arkansas River in the USA

Arkansas River in the USA author: gone-everlong

La Meuse in France

La Meuse in France author: Jürgen

Waimakariri river in New Zealand

Waimakariri river in New Zealand author: Ben Niven

Ebro in Spain

Ebro in Spain author: yixzy


Hilleke is a lady from Belgium... She is passionate about everything related to photography.

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    the picture under Rio Grande is of the Colorado River

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    hey this is nice, now everyone can see the beauty of these rivers.
    thanks for using my photograph 🙂

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  4. Rebecca Elizabeth says:

    most beautiful and amazing rivers around the world

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    Thanks for these striking pictures of nature’s beauty from all over the world. I’ve seen (and swam) in a few of these, and hope to add to my list in the future. In the interim, you and your collection of photographers have assembled a stunning array of vivid shots. Wonderful!

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  11. Your mom says:

    Very beautiful. Very calming and peaceful. Like many others, I would love to see these rivers in person one day.

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    wonderful picture. Really attracting and it will be very helpful for tourism for those countries across which these rivers are flowing.

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  19. gabe says:

    the rio grande is awesome my cousins live close to the rio grande

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  20. Lance says:

    Beautiful pictures from beautiful rivers indeed. But you forgot the most beautiful in my opinion; the Rio Cristal in Colombia.

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    i really like the canada rivers and the australian ones please put more canadian rivers t am doing a project on canadian rivers and it is due today

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    The cryptorelated puzzle in the Hamilton Spectator was on famous rivers this morning.Wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.(I know I cheated lol)Glad I looked though.The pictures were great.Thanks…Don

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