50 Creative Photo Manipulations Based on Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are some of the simplest visual objects possible. And light bulbs the raw material for the photo manipulations in this post. The results are the opposite: complex, interesting, creative and fascinating! There’s nothing more to it, but pure talent and imagination. Regardless of the software used in creating the manipulations, they all stand out by something special and on a closer look there’s also a message reaching out to people.

My World in a Light Bulb

Life in a Bulb

Life in a Bulb author:natdatnl

Drawn to the Light

Drawn to the Light author:kuschelirmel

Light Bulb Spider

Light Bulb Spider author:Relderson

Mermaid in Bulb

Botanical Bulb

Botanical Bulb author:ModestManiac


Eco-Bulb author:shaddam89

Light Bulb with Grass

Light Bulb with Grass author:Geckly


Filament author:ChrissieCool

Goldfish’s Light

Goldfishs Light author:dropoflight

Mind Tricks

Mind Tricks author:iTaylie

Light Bulb

Light Bulb author:Shadrak

Magic Touch

Magic Touch author:WFloW

Rose in the Bulb

Rose in the Bulb author:grey90

Goldfish Power

Goldfish Power author:HumanGrunt


Selfillumination author:Kutsche


Bulb author:ameeth1990

Bulb – Yellow

Bulb - Yellow author:JimCunningham


Bulbworld author:ant-ix

Light is Free

Light is Free author:Vanilys

Enlighten – Print

Enlighten - Print author:DISENT

Light Bulb at Day

Light Bulb at Day author:entropiazero

Hot Bulb

Wax and Light Bulb

Wax and Light Bulb author:DorianKealing


Light-Headed author:Hiilda

Imaginary Light

Light Bulb

Light Bulb author:mindfake

Bring Your Own Light

Bring Your Own Light author:whawkins

City Lights

City Lights author:GeeeO

Electric Head

Electric Head author:Dirk Kirchner

Per Secula Seculorum


Breakfast author:grohsARTig


Explosion author:Bradi

Mosquito Bulb

Mosquito Bulb author:grohsARTig

Self Portrait

Self Portrait author:vcrimson


Birne? author:badsnoopy667


Thinking author:illufox

Out of Ideas

Out of Ideas author:LeoRiq

Mrs Bright

Mrs Bright author:lorency

Pear – Final

The Last Mermaid

Digital Dunny: Bright Idea

Digital Dunny: Bright Idea author:Wetpixels

The Last Way…

The Last Way... author:Minaya86


Oyule author:sergio silva

On an Island

On an Island author:Sidiuss

Swing into Ideas

Swing into Ideas author:zQuert

Fly Away

Fly Away author:valkiria-art

Light in the Dark

Light in the Dark author:gizmo-4-ever


Fokio author:warex3d

Monster -Concept

Monster -Concept author:fluentwater


Giulia is a 25 year old girl from Romania. She runs a blog dedicated to cute animals on furrytalk.com. She's also an amateur photographer and has a passion for Photoshop.

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3 Responses:

  1. Angelee says:

    Can’t decide which one’s the best cos all of’em were brilliantly done. I guess Segio Silva’s OYULE can be done for real.

    ( 2 years and 2594 days ago )
  2. unmesh says:

    so beautiful images

    ( 2 years and 2588 days ago )
  3. gggggggg says:

    love it

    ( 2 years and 2585 days ago )