The Power of Green-Yellow Photography in 50 Pictures

Green is the color of life, fertility and nature. The sight of the green grass is the most restful view. Green symbolizes self-respect and well being, it means personal balance and harmony. Pure, bright and sunny yellow is the easiest color to see. People who are blind to other colors can usually see yellow. Yellow means joy and happiness. Yellow daffodils are a symbol of unrequited love. Today’s showcase on PXL combines these two colors into photographic art, to bring harmony and joy for the viewer, to bring him to a life of creativity and inspiration.

Handi Mau (addu)

Handi Mau (addu) author:Shaap3y



Wild author:Jayesh Bheda

Artistic Fingers

Artistic Fingers author:freebird4

The End

The End author:s-a-m

Yellow Pistils

Yellow Pistils author:tanakawho


Let’s Make Love

Lets Make Love author:gari.baldi

The Punished Tree

The Punished Tree author:swisscan

Colias Crocea

Colias Crocea author:jcoelho

Green Pig

Green Pig author:??? Epo


Acido author:Alfon

Bee on Yellow/Green

Bee on Yellow/Green author:flikr

Nature and its Beauty

Nature and its Beauty author:mk

Sunny Day

Sunny Day author:compwoman


Rapsfeld author:dustpuppy

Venus Fly Trap

Venus Fly Trap author:swimboy

The Backside

The Backside author:Micky

Green on Yellow, Yellow on Green

Green on Yellow, Yellow on Green author:Aidan M. Grey

Green Metallic Bee

Green Metallic Bee author:sankax


Botella author:Guillermo

Avant l’orage…

Avant lorage... author:hamadryades

Mosca – Long Legged Fly

Mosca - Long Legged Fly author:PAL1970

A Yellow Lily in a Raindrop

A Yellow Lily in a Raindrop author:tanakawho


Hey! Pikachu!

Hey! Pikachu! author:Shenghung Lin



Bemtevi author:CARLOSWEICK

Yellow Filter

Yellow Filter author:Chien-Ting

After the Rain

After the Rain author:Soul101

Design or Happenstance?

Design or Happenstance? author:Redgum

And a White Picket Fence

And a White Picket Fence author:ecstaticist


Lemon author:acci

Eat Your Greens

Eat Your Greens author:sgs_1019


Escalera author:mirando

Bleeding Heart Tetra

Bleeding Heart Tetra author:Men In Black


Boo! author:dospaz

Golden Waters

Golden Waters author:Glisglis


Mallard Couple

Mallard Couple author:Jessie Reeder

Tiny Lizard

Tiny Lizard author:chexee

Did Someone Say Green?

Did Someone Say Green? author:Kvikken

Yellow Ribbon

Yellow Ribbon author:jup3nep

Yellow Paradise

Yellow Paradise author:Dieffi

Almost Yellow

Almost Yellow author:mjagiellicz


Yellow author:ZoeWieZo

Yellow World

Yellow World author:LaZiaIla

Magnolia Green Jumper

Magnolia Green Jumper author:Japers

Green on Yellow III

Green on Yellow III author:dalantech


Yellowplow author:ShadowPride


Giulia is a 25 year old girl from Romania. She runs a blog dedicated to cute animals on She's also an amateur photographer and has a passion for Photoshop.

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  1. Matt says:

    I’m sorry, but there couldn’t be a more boring color combination than green and yellow.

    ( 2 years and 3082 days ago )