The Beauty of China Expressed in 50 Professional Photographs

Travel photography is not only interesting, but also educative. It offers the possibility of applying different techniques, like HDR photography, high speed photography, macros, monochromatic, panoramic, etc… to a wide range of locations. A traveling photographer can focus on landscapes, portraits, architecture or cultural objectives. The most important thing is to know what to focus on in order to bring out the best of a visited place. Today’s showcase illustrates 50 examples of such professional photographs taken in China and offers some visual guidelines for traveling photographers to learn from.


Sharing author: Nicolas Marino

Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment author: Nicolas Marino

My Village

My Village author: Nicolas Marino


Granny author: Jan Oliver Koch

Tibetan Orphan School

Tibetan Orphan School author: Jim McGill


Injustice author: Craig Martin


Rain at river Li, China

Rain at river Li, China author: Daniel Montero

Twin Pagodas in Chinese Garden, Singapore

A Temple in the Mist

A Temple in the Mist author: Daniel Montero

Panda Bears

Panda Bears author: Daniel Montero

Panorama of Hong Kong Island

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year author: HW.Wang


Innocence author: Jakob Grahn

Summer Palace, China

Summer Palace, China author: James Dricker

Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China author: James Dricker

Simatai Great Wall of China

Simatai Great Wall of China author: Rick Rohan

Terra Cotta Warriors

Terra Cotta Warriors author: Jerry Sundin

Forbiden City

Forbiden City author: Jerry Sundin

Summer Palace

Summer Palace author: Jerry Sundin

Country Fair

Country Fair author: ZAKI MASUD

One Evening @ Summer Palace

One Evening @ Summer Palace author: Beng J.

Chinese Garden, Singapore – Reflection

Chinese Garden, Singapore - Reflection author: fiftymm99


Wedding author: Mariusz Lasocha

Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven author: Thomas Burden

Simatai Great Wall of China – long shot

Simatai Great Wall of China - long shot author: Rick Rohan

Gugong. Beijing. China

Gugong. Beijing. China author: Super Zhao

Waterfalls in Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve

Waterfalls in Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve author: Lex Linghorn

Shaolin Monk of China

Shaolin Monk of China author: Damir Sencar

Once Upon a Time in China…

Once Upon a Time in China... author: Foureyes

APH: China the Middle Kingdom

APH: China the Middle Kingdom author: MaskedPhantom

China Garden

China Garden author: DevJo

Li River China

Li River China author: CitizenFresh

Lady China

Lady China author: allbatros

Black Dragon Pool Park

Black Dragon Pool Park author: melintir

China Doll

China Doll author: K2RAVSCHER

Hong Kong – The Peak

Hong Kong - The Peak author: angelreich

The Chinese Dragon


Dragon author: heeeeman

Shaman in Lugu lake – China Yunnan

Shaman in Lugu lake - China Yunnan author: Eric Lafforgue

Tang Zi Xuan

Tang Zi Xuan author: foureyes

Chinese Baby, Beijing China

Chinese Baby, Beijing China author: Eric Lafforgue

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year author: yewenyi

Chinese Fried Rice for Iftar

Chinese Fried Rice for Iftar author: mybigbro

Gorgeous Chinese Garden

Chinese Clothes Hanfu

Chinese Clothes Hanfu author: kanbantest

Chinese Monks

Chinese Monks author: narcolanza

Monk and Sword

Monk and Sword author: ropenick

Naja and the Dragon Temple

Naja and the Dragon Temple author: thenitewolf


Gold author: dr_marvel


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