Dark Spirit - created by visba

Dark Spirit
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The Dark Spirit haunts the dungeons of the Castle of Morden. No one slights the Morden, or they face its wrath.

Dungeon thanks to stevesheriw from Flickr.

Other than the background, I used only the source image. Please view in high res. (5 years and 1817 days ago)

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Flower Kaleidoscope - created by visba

Flower Kaleidoscope
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My dad has a kaleidoscope which has a curved glass lens that turns anything you look at into a kaleidoscope. I wanted to try to replicate a kaleidoscope like that. I hope you like it! (5 years and 1095 days ago)

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The Composer - created by visba

The Composer
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Life is like music; it has a pulse, a rhythm, and a thousand melodies intertwined, millions of strings vibrating to different tunes... to find just one string and tune to it; THAT is finding the soul.

Original image posted on flickr by Jaako (5 years and 1848 days ago)

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Sketching the Jet - created by visba

Sketching the Jet
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I should be using a smudge-guard when I sketch this to make sure my hand doesn't do anything to the image, but I don't feel like it. Also, I sketch really fast.

Hand from stock image from flickr posted by Cybergabi. (5 years and 1846 days ago)

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Memories - created by visba

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As she gazed out into the plains, she remembered all of her friends who used to be there, before the poachers came.

Images from flickr - users attributed in source names. (5 years and 1828 days ago)

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