Home sweet home. - created by theudulf

Home sweet home.
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:) (5 years and 1833 days ago)

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Iron helmet - created by theudulf

Iron helmet
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:) (5 years and 1837 days ago)

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Treasure map - created by theudulf

Treasure map
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I hope you will like this map ;)
Map edge and islands creation: I used brush with random mouse movement,
Map colour was created by mix two colours with clouds rendering.
Dirt created by downloaded 2500px brush.
Compass: four fleur the lys main arrows + circle + 6 lines
Map curved lines: one multiplied line with curved shape.
Rounded map shape: Photoshop spiral as a base and created as other edges
Skull and sea monster are 100% mine ;)

(5 years and 1847 days ago)

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Night tower version 2 - created by theudulf

Night tower version 2
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Hi, thank you Admin's for message ;) I changed picture a little :) (5 years and 1843 days ago)

Butterfly - created by theudulf

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Simply butterfly ;) (5 years and 1833 days ago)

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