Give Peace a Chance - created by still26

Give Peace a Chance
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For three days I have been dating Marty in Blue Lightening. I used his tutorial on typography to do this pice. This is a photo of an old Vietnam Vet and I used the lyrics from John Lennon's GIVE PEACE A CHANCE. In SBS I have shown an uncut image, the photo is mine, the words are Lennons. (2 years and 323 days ago)

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On the Mongolian Plains - created by still26

On the Mongolian Plains
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(2 years and 159 days ago)

Arab - created by still26

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1. The original photo is mine and it is in SBS for you to see.
2. The background textured layer was taken from Filter Forge "textures" I then blurred it, darkened it and oil painted it.
3. There is an oil paint filter on the man....then a black layer applied and painted out and desaturated.
4. Gradient in black applied and sandstone texture. (1 year and 277 days ago)

Mushroom Dreams - created by still26

Mushroom Dreams
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1. from Pixel bay.

2. Source image times three

3. Photoshop Oil Paint Filter (3 years and 55 days ago)

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Bottle of Wine - created by still26

Bottle of Wine
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This is the link used to create this image: (2 years and 322 days ago)

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