avocado flowers - created by semas

avocado flowers
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This is my first entry and I'm not sure how to explain the process.I have tried to note it as I did the art.The cut avocado became the flower petals and the green avocado became the leaves by cutting out the shape and transforming the angles.The background is a pattern fill blended. (5 years and 3145 days ago)

Balance your time - created by semas

Balance your time
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My watch with straps made from the source image and dial from an external image. (5 years and 3134 days ago)

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Bunch of flowers - created by semas

Bunch of flowers
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I created the colorful flowers from the source image.
(5 years and 3141 days ago)

Camouflaged - created by semas

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The old truck camaflouged using a beautiful image from flickr.This is the first time I'm using an outside source for my work.
(5 years and 3142 days ago)

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tulips poster - created by semas

tulips poster
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I have created the image from the source only (5 years and 3111 days ago)

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