Persephone - created by prairiekittin

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Daughter of Demeter, Goddess of Spring (5 years and 2239 days ago)

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He never came (fixed shadows) - created by prairiekittin

He never came (fixed shadows)
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(I think I got the shadows right this time). I also made the girl a little smaller to fit the bench better. (5 years and 2237 days ago)

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S & L - created by prairiekittin

S & L
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(3 years and 229 days ago)

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For a cool million.... - created by prairiekittin

For a cool million....
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The way the economy is going, it won't be long before THIS is all a million will buy! (5 years and 2238 days ago)

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Lily and her guardian angel - created by prairiekittin

Lily and her guardian angel
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The little girl is my cousin. No other source images, other than the contest image were used. (3 years and 229 days ago)

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