Bitter=Apple Fritter - created by marmee54

Bitter=Apple Fritter
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I've tried that new apple but I prefer my salmon [Salmon and trout - stout]

Thanks to, for the English to Slang...very comprehensive site..

also thanks to..sxc, wena, flickr, Robb Blatt, and shop boy, for use of the images

Due to a page change at flickr,the original fritter picture is now set to private.. I found another fritter picture to use..

Thanks to the Mods for pointing this out and very sorry for any inconvience

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Can you grow.... - created by marmee54

Can you grow....
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birds by planting bird seed..

Had fun with this..

Sure missed the site..So happy we're up and running again..

Many thanks to flickr,chiotsrun, and picture taker 2 for use of the images

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Mine - created by marmee54

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All my dogs love their bones and guard them from the

Many thanks to sxc and formach for use of the picture (5 years and 3075 days ago)

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