Charging Were-Labrador! - created by kyricom

Charging Were-Labrador!
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The moon is full, and he wants to fetch - YOU!

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Watchdog - created by kyricom

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Crime rates dropped dramatically once King Olaf got his new watchdog.

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Hero - created by kyricom

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This is my Father-in-Law. He is now in his 90's, but landed on Omaha Beach during D-Day when he was a young man. He still sets off metal detectors in airports from the shrapnel that's still in his body. He has two Purple Hearts, and a Bronze Star for Bravery (among other commendations). He's not as young and fit as he once was, but he's still a hero to us! (The main photo is a personal photo). (5 years and 170 days ago)

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Battle - created by kyricom

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RUN! - created by kyricom

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