wood man - created by ivankokuti

wood man
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Completely made from original image. (5 years and 2437 days ago)

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skate - created by ivankokuti

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stick man skater hitting the ramps. (5 years and 2466 days ago)

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no naked shower - created by ivankokuti

no naked shower
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no naked shower was a very strange law. i used a selection of images and want to thank author Robert Michie for the water droplets.

http://www.stupidlaws.com/laws/united-states/florida/ (5 years and 2464 days ago)

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hand grenade - created by ivankokuti

hand grenade
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hand grenade merged with original photo. thank you to Kriss Szkurlatowski for the image of the granade. (5 years and 2465 days ago)

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foot face - created by ivankokuti

foot face
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a foot thats a face took mouth nose and eyes from other pictures (5 years and 2451 days ago)

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