Fairness Product Ad - created by debdyutsarker

Fairness Product Ad
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This picture is taken by me. Only the cream tube is the external source. In this photo I'm trying to show how those types of products(Fairness products) cheat people. Whatever you are, be happy with that. You are beautiful as god made you. No fairness cream can make you fairer. (5 years and 1498 days ago)

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Broadband Reality - created by debdyutsarker

Broadband Reality
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It's real fact that as they say they don't provide... (5 years and 1498 days ago)

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3D pxleyes.com Icon - created by debdyutsarker

3D pxleyes.com Icon
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I only use the pxleyes logo for this entry by printscreen.
Thank you. (5 years and 2021 days ago)

Envelopes - created by debdyutsarker

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I've used the following tutorial.


Thanks to http://psd.tutsplus.com (5 years and 2018 days ago)

Rain of Life - created by debdyutsarker

Rain of Life
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Please Comment... (5 years and 2011 days ago)

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