playing in the rain - created by blaine2nd

playing in the rain
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I drew the tux, rain, and umbrella.

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Air Ship - created by blaine2nd

Air Ship
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I used a variety of methods for this drawing, textures, and tracing.

thanks; mizzd-stock, mjranum-stock, Falln-Stock, and beefstock (5 years and 2181 days ago)

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Spring? - created by blaine2nd

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The main photo is mine. I painted and used texture for most of it. The leaf on the bowl and flower in the bowl are the only outside sources. (5 years and 2180 days ago)

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My Pants! - created by blaine2nd

My Pants!
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That darn dog! (5 years and 2189 days ago)

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prince - created by blaine2nd

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No references; I drew in facial features with a soft brush and used some of the textures to create the cloth. I also used smudge to move lines around and blend colors. (5 years and 2176 days ago)

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