Feeling Stuck - created by angelaj

Feeling Stuck
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He has got to save her somehow. (5 years and 2196 days ago)

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Cracked Cups - created by angelaj

Cracked Cups
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(5 years and 2207 days ago)

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Sketched Flower - created by angelaj

Sketched Flower
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(5 years and 2183 days ago)

The Chase - created by angelaj

The Chase
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I wanted to do a picture with a lion and at first I wanted the zebra to be a person instead. But I couldn't find a good stock image of a person running away so the zebra is going to get eaten. (5 years and 2195 days ago)

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Punk Bulb - created by angelaj

Punk Bulb
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All I did was cut things out of pictures to make him look like he's skateboarding. :) (5 years and 2178 days ago)

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