Lady Bug in Rainy season - created by Ravindrav7

Lady Bug in Rainy season
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I made this using only mushroom, brush tool , pen tool and clone tool.
(5 years and 268 days ago)

Entry number 97322 - created by Ravindrav7

Entry number 97322
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I have made this using my own photographs what I have captured with my camera, you can see the SBS (5 years and 276 days ago)

Entry number 97374 - created by Ravindrav7

Entry number 97374
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Wallpaper I created by own, without any source...
check the SBS. (5 years and 272 days ago)

Entry number 97529 - created by Ravindrav7

Entry number 97529
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I made this using pen tool and brush tool... Used trees brush, flowers brush and some effects on wall. And another part e.i. Windows are made looking like glass that is not transparent... two in one visible glass that should be see outside from inside and not from the outside to inside...

I used the Brushes for the Tree and Flowers. also for grasses I used spatter 24 px and added noise and effect of gaussian blur ...

The brushes for the Trees and Flowers are loaded in the photoshop... So What I have to give the source and how can I explain my work, please describe it, I will try my best....

Above part of the house e.i. Molding of the terrace I used normal Gradient color by setting is and adjusting it in parallel to the slope... nothing is used from outside... All are created from the wall of the Provided Image. above terrace slope I just stretched the come of the wall selected by rectangle marque tool and adjusted as per require for the design... (5 years and 261 days ago)

Entry number 97018 - created by Ravindrav7

Entry number 97018
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(5 years and 299 days ago)

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