MEOW - created by Poss

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And now for something completely different.

Thanks to GlennPeb and edmondo at (5 years and 1904 days ago)

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Loch Local - created by Poss

Loch Local
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Thanks to bunlee at for the background. Everything else is the source and PS. Thanks for looking. (5 years and 2286 days ago)

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The Catch - created by Poss

The Catch
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The Contest Goal: Make it look as realistic as possible. Don't get me wrong, I love the cartoony images too....

My thanks to ebbers-art and andres ol from

Happy Halloween!! (5 years and 2545 days ago)

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Feet - created by Poss

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And now for something completely different.

All sources are mine except for the brain (I didn't have one..LOL) istockphoto receipt is included in the SBS. (5 years and 2422 days ago)

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Dude - created by Poss

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Thanks to MnMCarta for awesome photography.

Thanks also to DJSlane,xindilo, and nicotren from

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