Sir Sniff'alot - created by PixelWhisperer

Sir Sniffalot
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Hope this one's ok... my 1st ever entry got removed as I wasn't fully aware of how to upload sbs!!(eyes like blue lagoon) ... So let's try again, hope it's up to par, comments greatly appreciated Thanks. (5 years and 2819 days ago)

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For 2 Fingered Typers !! - created by PixelWhisperer

For 2 Fingered Typers !!
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Lots of selections being transformed and duplicated here !

Spot the deliberate o/s (my own screen dump) on a mac machine! Such a Crime !!

Comments welcomed ;) (5 years and 2805 days ago)

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The New I Phone (eyePhone lol) - created by PixelWhisperer

The New I Phone (eyePhone lol)
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With 'internal' speaker! ... 2nd Contest, hope you like it peeps... Comments greatly appreciated, Pix (5 years and 2818 days ago)

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EEEeewwwww !!! - created by PixelWhisperer

EEEeewwwww !!!
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an exercise in pen-tool selections, and fiddly blooming layer styles!!

Just for fun

Comments welcomed (5 years and 2805 days ago)

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The Birth of a Ball ! - created by PixelWhisperer

The Birth of a Ball !
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What can you do with a tennis ball !! (5 years and 2810 days ago)

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