Oceanfall. - created by OliviasArts

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alot of dodge tool to get the water smooth. A few layers so that i could play with the saturation of the rocks, as you will see in the original they were rather shiny.
Masking was the main part of the work, and matching the water colour :) (5 years and 2975 days ago)

Rested Viking - created by OliviasArts

Rested Viking
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(5 years and 2981 days ago)

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Like A Surgeon - created by OliviasArts

Like A Surgeon
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Weird Al... so I made something weird lol

If you havent heard the song.. here is the link


(5 years and 2942 days ago)

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Nightmare - created by OliviasArts

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(5 years and 2975 days ago)

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Red - created by OliviasArts

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Ive had the photo of Juliana for ages and decided to build the image around her :) (5 years and 2970 days ago)

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