PXL talent - created by Nays

PXL talent
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Created in Photoshop. It is vectorshapes with layerstyles. Clarendon is the font. Texture is a lot of noise with a radial blur. (5 years and 2173 days ago)

Steel Mandala - created by Nays

Steel Mandala
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(5 years and 2523 days ago)

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Mandala Bouquet - created by Nays

Mandala Bouquet
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I tried to make a simple but festive mandala! Hope it makes you smile! (5 years and 2523 days ago)

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Never just Black&White - created by Nays

Never just Black&White
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Life is never just black and white...
OMG, my first entry... please tell me what you think although its not a very complicated image. No sources used, but i love the layerstyles in photoshop! Only shape used is custom shape and the texture on the letters is also included in ps, i hope its allowed. Anyway I'm new here and I hope to spend a lot of time at this inspirational place on the world wide web! (5 years and 2536 days ago)

Mount Mushmore - created by Nays

Mount Mushmore
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Masking & Blending mode Linear light for the heads. Sorry for low res...
Please tell me what you think! All source pictures taken from Flickr.com (5 years and 2521 days ago)

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