Mr. and Mrs. Ed - created by MrBig

Mr. and Mrs. Ed
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".... psssst, go for the one in the other hand - they taste like chicken!"

Constructed the Livery sign in CS3 - sbs to follow. (5 years and 2347 days ago)

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Aftermass - created by MrBig

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(5 years and 1770 days ago)

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Wheelbarrow - created by MrBig

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Only source was used to construct the Wheelbarrow.

Background is only external image and a link is included. Comments welcome, please. (5 years and 1787 days ago)

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RAIN - created by MrBig

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I remembered this technique from a poster I did years back. I see a similar entry entered (that is better than this!) but I upload anyway. Similar result although slightly different technique used.

No outside sources. (5 years and 1793 days ago)

Her Majesty's Gaurd - created by MrBig

Her Majestys Gaurd
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This was just screaming at me to be done. Texture was quite similar and I feel worked very well. Comments/improvements welcomed.

Looking for solid blend here .. . . . (5 years and 2340 days ago)

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