Departure - created by Lelaina

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There is a time for departure even when there's no certain place to go.
~~Tennessee Williams~~


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Cloudy sky - Thanks to mabaxter

Ground - Thanks to ElementarTeil

Path - Thanks to RWLinder

Noose - Thanks to aviva.n

Heart hole - Thanks to Leo Reynolds (5 years and 1271 days ago)

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Returning home - created by Lelaina

Returning home
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Finally! I'm SO happy to be back! *do a happy dance*

This entry shows (in the windows) my sad time without PXL...
Saying goodbye, feeling sad, having too much time, feeling absolutely no creativity anymore and not knowing, what to do and where to go...
But luckily there was a magic key (called MrMonty) who opened PXL again!

And now I really want to say SORRY to the mod in charge, because here are the 22 additional sources...

Landscape - thanks to platypussdown
Landscape - thanks to Amanda Slater
Figure - thanks to tuchodi
Sphere - thanks to Jorg Boerma
Statue - thanks to Fiacomo Milano
Sculpture - thanks to daedenddoll-stock
Hands - thanks to zandystock
Question mark - thanks to Leo Reynolds
Rope - thanks to limonada
Woman - thanks to faestock
Key - thanks to Lady-Arthemisa
Gate - thanks to CGTextures
Ivy (first in middle row) - thanks to Black-B-o-x
Hand - thanks to afagen
Sphere - thanks to Alice
Chains - thanks to Zsuzsa N.K.
Keyhole - thanks to Lotte Grønkjær
Shoe - thanks to Taylor McBride
Hearts - thanks to Test Testee
Daisy - thanks to majaFOTO
Vase - thanks to jendo neversil
Butterfly - thanks to Dove Madison (5 years and 495 days ago)

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The guards of time - created by Lelaina

The guards of time
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Wood texture2 - Thanks to CGTextures (5 years and 2425 days ago)

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My secret place - created by Lelaina

My secret place
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Actually I wanted to make a tree out of the hand, but after 10 unsuccessful tries, it developed more and more to this one.
I tried adding other thing (more flowers, animals and so on) but it just looked worse, so I decided to leave it as it is.
Comments are always welcome :)

Fodor has been notified. (5 years and 2757 days ago)

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Fragile Delivery - created by Lelaina

Fragile Delivery
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I found the picture of the heart a long time ago and had it still in my bookmarks without any chance to use. Till now ;)
I actually transformed the whole balloon into a heart, but it wasn't possible to recognize the source anymore, so I decided to just transform the ears into hearts.

I hope you like and comments are always welcome :) (5 years and 2727 days ago)

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