Stethospider Prime - created by HeinrichB

Stethospider Prime
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Hospitals and Spiders.. Two things that freak me out.. Rate kindly guys it's going to cost me therapy to get over this!

Thanks to Al Lannie & Ehegt for the source images. (5 years and 2067 days ago)

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The Web Of Love - created by HeinrichB

The Web Of Love
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Decided to keep this one simple. (5 years and 2078 days ago)

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Treasure Cave Of Doom - created by HeinrichB

Treasure Cave Of Doom
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This one took FOREVER so I hope the end result was worth it. Lots of cutting, copying, pasting, cloning and filters to get the desired effect. (5 years and 2079 days ago)

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Drink Like A Fish - created by HeinrichB

Drink Like A Fish
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Thanks to bfraz for the goldfish images. (5 years and 2056 days ago)

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Cloth Girl - created by HeinrichB

Cloth Girl
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Dreaming of being a real girl one day :-)

Thanks to Swanky, Turbojay & Prairieknitter01 for the stock images. (5 years and 2063 days ago)

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