There...Home! - created by George55

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Just source image used in the making of this entry. sorry I did not go into details of shading and light, I was in a hurry, just to make it on time. I will keep your suggestions in mind. (5 years and 823 days ago)

Farewell - created by George55

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I would like to thank to all the members whose work is used to make this last entry. I selected some of the ones I think were the best works for me. I know there were hundredths of good work, but these particular ones gave me ideas and hit my eye. I encourage to you all the Artists who were here, to continue doing your beautiful works, and do not let the sadness and heart broken feelings take over you. Life is going on for all of us PS lovers. Thanks again for the good memories.... I will see you some place. (5 years and 369 days ago)

Space Journey - created by George55

Space Journey
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Only source used in the making of this entry. (5 years and 493 days ago)

Where Little Birds Live - created by George55

Where Little Birds Live
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Thanks to alvimann from morguefile, for the pic of the little bird. (5 years and 1244 days ago)

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Under The Sea - created by George55

Under The Sea
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I wish marine life will survive the global warming and that the coral reefs remain untouched. Just source image used in the making of Under The Sea. (5 years and 1125 days ago)

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