Amandine - The Parisian Doll - created by CommanderBond

Amandine - The Parisian Doll
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Meet Amandine, the Parisian, Moulin Rouge themed, fashion doll. Be sure to check out the SBS guide to fully appreciate this piece. (5 years and 2223 days ago)

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Locobot - created by CommanderBond

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Miniature Locobot in a Wild West setting.

I sketched the legs for the bot using my Cintiq. Using the sketch as a guide, I created a whole lot of paths for all the parts of the legs and used these as vector masks for different parts of the source images. After the legs were blocked in with parts of the locomotive, I added the top of the locomotive back on and put the whole thing in front of a new background. (5 years and 2012 days ago)

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Never hide - created by CommanderBond

Never hide
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They're finally here! Those fancy x-ray glasses they promised us decades ago. ;-)

Be sure to check out the SBS guide. (5 years and 2209 days ago)

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The Sheep Meadow incident - created by CommanderBond

The Sheep Meadow incident
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It seems the south end of Central Park was the scene of a gravity defying anomaly. Our photojournalist in NYC was able to capture this shot.

Be sure to view the high resolution image to fully appreciate the detail present. (5 years and 1992 days ago)

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Countryside levitation - created by CommanderBond

Countryside levitation
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Thanks to ubrayj02 and lennon-stock for the source images. The background image is my own. (5 years and 1991 days ago)

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