Illuminator - created by Cache Slinger

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An Enlightening Experience.
Source Image Only. 38 Step SBS included (5 years and 2221 days ago)

Pxleyes Me - created by Cache Slinger

Pxleyes Me
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Decided to PXLeyes Me.
An ARM-ME of ONE? Hmmm (5 years and 2212 days ago)

Fresh Chicken Next Exit - created by Cache Slinger

Fresh Chicken Next Exit
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Only used original supplied image and one other source.
Clone Brush, Content aware fill, smudge tool used to replace top two wire strands, and Ear tag.
Used Lasso Selection tool and copy and paste then puppet warp tool on bent front left leg. Clone Brush, copy and paste from other grass selections and smudging with mask to hide original leg.
Created custom shape "Hand Glove" with pen tool, and applied layer styles. Impact font used for message. Masked, copied and pasted chicken.
(5 years and 2221 days ago)

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Handy Man - created by Cache Slinger

Handy Man
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There's always one in the neighbourhood. (5 years and 2216 days ago)

Illegal To Hunt Whales - created by Cache Slinger

Illegal To Hunt Whales
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I used the pen tool to create paths around most of the images, then made a selection from paths and applies a mask. From there I deleted the paths and edited the masks to clean up the edges. For the dog fur edges, I created a brush and painted in or out various areas of the dogs fur to try to get a more natural look to the masked cutout.
I used a custom symbol for the "NO" sign and the "Target Site" symbol, then created a custom symbol for the whale.
The original sign had a bicycle on it, I used a combination of content aware fill and smudge tool to remove the bicycle from the sign. To make the signs reflection, I duplicated the sign layers and merged them then grabbed the top center handle of the resulting layer and dragged it down to the bottom of the image. I reduced the opacity a little and added a slight ocean ripple from photoshops filters. To make the mans glasses opaque, I used different levels of dark to medium grey to brush away most of the shy that was i what would be the transparency of the glasses extending past his face.
Minor additional adjustments were made to all edges, and the Whale in the water was created much the same wy as the sign and it's reflection mentioned above. Hope you like it. :) (5 years and 2223 days ago)

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