Saturday Night - created by BDesigns

Saturday Night
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For this entry I used a lot of blending options,texture from source image, gradients, liquifying, changing perspective, rendering lens flair and lighting options. (5 years and 1924 days ago)

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Prayer - created by BDesigns

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I used here cloning, masking and copying parts from source image. (5 years and 1924 days ago)

Miracle Child - created by BDesigns

Miracle Child
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The photos I used for this manipulation all come from I also used brushes from Photoshop to make clouds and light. (5 years and 1649 days ago)

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Welcome to Iguana Pub - created by BDesigns

Welcome to Iguana Pub
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I used masks, blending options, many parts of iguana's body. (5 years and 1949 days ago)

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Midnight Walk - created by BDesigns

Midnight Walk
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I used here hue/saturation, clone stamp tool, quick mask tool, blending options, light painted with brush. (5 years and 1781 days ago)

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