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This poor little guy was really hurting when I took this. Maybe hit by a car? (5 years and 2286 days ago)

Days are numbered. - created by xcanuc

Days are numbered.
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This barn is about to fall over anytime. It is so rotted out and some of the framing isn't even connected anymore. Really sketchy walking through it. (5 years and 2632 days ago)

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Lines of light. - created by xcanuc

Lines of light.
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There wasn't much of this barn left. It was leaning really badly due to a tree that started to push it over. (5 years and 2632 days ago)

A little coke problem - created by xcanuc

A little coke problem
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My buddies dog. She is so sweet. (5 years and 2354 days ago)

Failing stoppy - created by xcanuc

Failing stoppy
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My nefew was trying to do a stoppy on his bike. It didn't end very well but sure was funny. The next shots were pretty good with the facial expressions of his impact.

BTW He was fine. Just a little scratch on the gooch. LOL (5 years and 2618 days ago)

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