Cinema - created by erikuri

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A monument about cinema (a rectangle carved in stone simulating a screen) - Kobe, Japan. (5 years and 1699 days ago)

Lucky number? - created by erikuri

Lucky number?
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Sorry... no pedicure! (5 years and 1866 days ago)

Morning glory - created by erikuri

Morning glory
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This kind of morning glory is totally blue in the morning and goes changing from the middle into pink in the afternoon. When the flower fades, is completely pink (one-day flower... :-( ) (5 years and 1681 days ago)

Now I can fly... - created by erikuri

Now I can fly...
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Dandelion in seeds. (5 years and 1678 days ago)

Extremely relaxed - created by erikuri

Extremely relaxed
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(5 years and 1702 days ago)

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