Gluxman Reflection - created by colourblindmonkey

Gluxman Reflection
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This is the Gluxman Art Gallery Which got flooded awhile back. there should be a field of grass in front of this building but with 4 feet of water all you can see is the reflection. (5 years and 2630 days ago)

The Face of smoke - created by colourblindmonkey

The Face of smoke
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(5 years and 2645 days ago)

Patience - created by colourblindmonkey

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Titled as so because I really needed a lot of patience to get this image about 2 hours of shooting aaaahhhhhh. But worth it in the end. (5 years and 2494 days ago)

Cobra - created by colourblindmonkey

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(5 years and 2645 days ago)

Overlapping - created by colourblindmonkey

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(5 years and 2859 days ago)

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