Old photo from Iraq - created by Mina93

Old photo from Iraq
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I want it to look like it taken from the past =)
I used iPhone 4
App:PhotoStudio HD (5 years and 452 days ago)

Cute Little Guy - created by Mina93

Cute Little Guy
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This is a photo of my little cousin he's 7months old ,I love his smile he makes me happy every time i see him =) (5 years and 403 days ago)

MAMA - created by Mina93

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When I saw the MAMA film for the first time, I laughed cause ma little cousin looks like Lilly, so I took a photo for him =))

(5 years and 441 days ago)

This way - created by Mina93

This way
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This is my keyboard :-) (5 years and 912 days ago)

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